At Royal Cartons quality is a key word inherent in its work culture. It is an intrinsic aspect that we treasure so closely. To offer supreme quality products we have amalgamated stringent quality measures at every stage right from sourcing the raw materials till the delivery stage. All our products are manufactured with international production standards and all the ensuing production processes undergo rigorous quality checks.

Customer satisfaction is an important factor that glues the customers to the company. As a responsible company, Royal Cartons uses a host of computerized machineries to check different quality parameters such as compression, tensile strength, bursting strength and thickness check of cartons.

In order to comply with the international standards the products are put to various tests like substance indicator checks to find out substance of materials used, crush testing to establish the edge crush and Cobb testing for determining the moisture penetration level etc.

All these various quality measures can ensure that our products are of highest grade in terms of quality and performance.