About Us

The first impression of a product is primarily due to its impressive packaging. A product’s packaging has an influential say in making a sale. Royal Cartons is a leading player in the packaging industry of India. It is ranked as a trusted and reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality Paper packaging products. Responding dynamically and positively to the increasing demands of the national and international markets the company has extensive market presence all over India and whole GCC Countries. With immaculate product performance, for the last two decades, we have been registering a sustainable growth rate successfully catering to the diverse requirements from different industries. Innovative manufacturing methods and optimum quality are the hallmark of our products. Processes & Delivery We employ a 100% environment-friendly production process in what we manufacture. So, all our products are completely eco-friendly and recyclable. We deliver our products as per the specifications set by the requirement of each industry. With a wider and extensive network of distribution we are present in every nook and corner of the country. Under strict manufacturing schedule we are able to cater to the market demands with prompt delivery.

Manufacturing Facilities Equipments

At Royal Cartons we are proud to have a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a sophisticated manufacturing system. This manufacturing base is augmented by modern equipments. Incorporating innovative production techniques and tactics give us the edge to stay ahead in the global arena. These exclusive production facilities ensure matchless quality to our products. There are a fleet of sophisticated machines such as sheet pasting machine, sheet pressing machine, creasing machine, slitting machine, heavy duty punching machine, embossing press, box stitching machine, gluing machine, board cutting machine, corrugation machine, sheet cutting machine etc. to carry out each job accurately and perfectly.

People & Expertise

Our human resource reserve comprises of a dedicated team of professionals specialized in relevant realm of expertise. Highly professional approach and attitude help us meet the clients’ expectations beyond satisfaction. Highly experienced staff works on pre-designed jobs with established systems and procedures. We provide an ergonomic working environment for our people to get a maximized result enabling us to maximize client’s satisfaction. This is how working with Royal Cartons becomes a unique experience.